Movement from one point
to another-
a pause
movement from the next point
to another-

Our lives are passages...
quiet gentleness moving into
peaceful rain
which soon torrents from the heavens-
lightening and thunder clash,
tension mounts
suddenly no where is safe.

Winter passages bring blizzards-
as our rain
becomes heavy with cold,
piling up
thick, stark white around us-
sometimes freezing
and turning our lives into a barren tundra.

Always the sun comes-
and our passages move on-
snow melts, cleansing our frozen hearts
with green grass
and soft purple violets
gently heralding a new resting spot.

Passages scare us-
for they are marked
with growth and pain-
it hurts to be
so cold,
so wet,
so barren,
so not at home.

Yet, it is through our life passages
that we experience
the core of co-creation-

We must not bulldoze through them
or attempt to shut out
the pain,

We must be gentle,
patient and watchful,
open, willing and present-
for, when the snow melts
and the rain stops,
we need to be at home enough
to appreciate
the violets.

-- Margie Wherritt

Margie Wherritt was born during a 1950 Louisiana Huricane in Alexandria, LA just in time for the dinner hour! Margie has lived in Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, North and South Dakota and Alaska. She has a BS in Recreation & Parks Administration and has been a community organizer by trade for over 26 years. She is a social and economic justice activist at heart, and a proud lesbian step mother of 3 great kids- Kris and her grandson Dominik, Josh and Ben (her loving partner Jo's "real kids"). She is an outdoor woman enjoying canoeing, biking, camping and fishing. She treasures the love and relationships with her parents and friends.

© Copyright 1988 - Margie Wherritt. All rights reserved.