"Child Light"

As a child I was a dreamer, imagining that right here in my sweaty palm, this pencil eraser holds zillions of tiny invisible electrons zooming around. What if our universe is all part of some giant's pencil eraser? And what if the giant has a really tough math test and erases once too often and "smudge!" we're smashed to smithereens? My mind raced with what ifs. And what if there is another world that runs right alongside of ours in another dimension and someday I were to fall through the tear in the edges of this dimension and suddenly find myself drenched in light more brilliant than even I could imagine? And what if that light felt like pure love? And what does pure love feel like?

--by Jody Cline

Jody Cline is an artist, mom to five, and career computer techie. Current focus is living creatively, while simplifying life. With the challenges a large family brings, Jody estimates that this focus should carry her well into the next century!

© Copyright 1996 - Jody Cline. All rights reserved.