Playground Dreams

by Ann Allen

"Remember the playground dreams that kept us in rapture
the boy who could dance his life
the girl who could fly?"
...Libby Roderick

Remember the playground of your youth? Take time to recreate that playground in your mind. Maybe you were a kid that embraced the playground full force. Attacking the monkey bars with a vengeance, oblivious to all else. You were extremely disappointed when the bell rang and beckoned you back inside. Or perhaps you were timid, shy about the prospect of spending time out of the security of your classroom. You took a book and waited it out near the building letting the gentle breeze blow across your face. The warm sunshine radiated within your body. Your dreams consumed you and your imagination went wild. When the bell rang you eagerly went back to your routine - glad that another recess had passed.

As adults we allow the playground call to go unheeded in favor of some chore that needs doing. Without scheduled recess our imaginations retreat and we become numb. Well, hey, IT IS RECESS TIME! Let go and allow your inner self come out to play.

This website is a creative playground - for grownup girls. The women contributors have discovered the gift of letting their creative spirits roam the playground. They have scraped their knees occassionally but have picked themselves up, dried their tears and dared to try again! Let their experiences inspire you to let your soul come out to play. The playground beckons you...I hope you'll stay awhile.

© Copyright 1997 - Ann Allen. All rights reserved.